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Wednesday’s Word – Volunteer!

Hurricane Sandy in Jersey City

Hurricane Sandy in Jersey City (Photo credit: wck)

Some impacts from the effects of Sandy hitting the Northeast US:

~ Some 5 million people in the tri-state (NY/NJ/CT) area alone are without power.

~ NYSE has been closed 2 days; the last time it happened was during the 1888 Blizzard.

~ NYC subway systems are flooded, the worst devastation in its 108 year history.

In the midst of this, people are helping each other.  There was a story on the local ABC news channel about residents who heard of a building in Manhattan without water, and upon hearing the broadcast, showed up with cases of water.  There are opportunities to be good neighbors, to volunteer if you can.  Here are some places to contact if you would like to help:

Volunteer in NJ –

Volunteer in one of the NYC Boroughs –

Want to see if help is needed through area churches? Try

I’m sure there are plenty of other places to check – the point is, if you are able and willing, it would be much appreciated!  I know I will be calling the NJ hotline since I will be here at least another day.  Maybe I’ll see you there!


One Tuesday Morning


On a Tuesday morning 11 years ago, I was getting ready for work and turned the bedroom radio on – something I never do – EVER.  What I heard was unimaginable.  I had to run and turn on the TV.  As I went through the day at work, TVs on, people checking the web for any news available, it was surreal.  The days ahead became a blur; the pit in my stomach and the ache in my heart lasted for weeks on end.  It hit me in a way it only could for those of us who grew up with those images.  I lived in the tri-State area for most of my life;  one of my uncles was part of the construction crew for the WTC Towers.  The images haunt me every time I go home and drive Rte 3 Eastbound.   There is a crest of a hill on the way towards the Lincoln Tunnel where you can see the whole New York City skyline.  I miss seeing those gleaming Towers when I look to the south end of Manhattan.   I remember taking the elevators that seemed to travel at Warp Speed to the Observation Deck.  I remember the feeling of the building swaying when it was windy.  And I remember where I was THAT morning.

Where were you?


Weekly Photo Challenge: Urban


The challenge – to photograph and publish the places where we grew up, something that says “Urban”.  I spent some of my childhood growing up in the City That Never Sleeps.  Here are some photos taken from my recent trip back to New York City:

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Travel Theme: Rhythm


Well, better late than never, and I have a travel related excuse: I did not have the right cable to transfer my photos so that I could post the theme!  I received permission from Where’s My Backpack? to post a little late.

My travels last week took me to New Jersey, which means it also took me to New York City.  A city that has a rhythm all its own.  Here are some photos I took as I rode the ferry across the Hudson river, and as we meandered through the Wall Street area, 9/11 Memorial, and Times Square.  In fact, each area has a rhythm all its own…and the longer I am away from it, the more I miss the rhythms that only New York has.

View of mid-town and lower Manhattan from the NY Waterway Ferry. ~ photo by Debbie Sarcone

Cabs and bike/walking paths co-exist on the West Side Highway. ~ photo by Debbie Sarcone

In the midst of city noise, an oasis of silent remembrance. ~ photo by Debbie Sarcone

First responders from around the world show their support at Ground Zero. ~ photo by Debbie Sarcone

The incomparable energy that is Times Square. ~ photo by Debbie Sarcone

View from the ferry later in the evening. ~ photo by Debbie Sarcone

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