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Weekly Photo Challenge: Renewal


Finding a comfortable place in the sun to nap = Renewal


In Memoriam


Yesterday I had to do one of the hardest things I know: letting go of my 16+ year old cat and companion before cancer got to him.  The easier thing to do would have been to keep him around for me.  The kinder thing for him would be to go in some peace and not so much pain.  So I did the kinder for him and, with my vet of almost 20 years, we said a tearful goodbye.

Sometimes the kind thing to do is not the easy thing.  And that’s the paradox of kindness – we do it not to necessarily make us feel good, although that sometimes is the result; we act in kindness for the other.

Good night sweet Morice – you will be very much missed…


Thursday Thanks – Pets


I’m happy that there have been pets in my life more years than not.  And just like any other family member, sometimes they can be quite the pain, but always ready to give some love with nothing asked in return (ok, maybe some food and a good brushing!)…

Under the tree – the best gift! ~photo by Debbie Sarcone


Friday Fun


Happy Friday!  I am dedicating this to Peak Pet Pantry in Colorado Springs, for working with so many organizations and evacuees of the Waldo Canyon Fire to help take care of displaced pets.  Thanks for all you do!

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