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Thursday Thanks – Social Networking


I was talking to to friends about how a group started that has helped people impacted by the wildfires.  It began as a facebook conversation asking how to help, finding others on different groups and pages doing the same, and creating a facebook group then to connect everyone and mobilize efforts.  Suddenly we had hundreds of people connected and working towards one goal.  All of this in a couple of days!

My Cyber Social Map

My Cyber Social Map (Photo credit: frankdasilva)

For all of the concerns that come with social networking (and many are legitimate concerns), there has been so much good that has come of being connected in this way, instantly.  I am thankful for those who were skilled enough in technology to provide the rest of us the opportunity for a great network!


Kind Words Are Like Honey…


I was browsing some boards on Pinterest (yes, I am hooked!) tonight and found this sign. It was especially meaningful, as I was growing increasingly frustrated with some posts I found on facebook as well as conversations I had recently.  This was a reminder to me to always try to find a way to say something kind…I hope you like it too.

Source: via Lynn on Pinterest


AOK – A Social Game For Good

A segment of a social network

Thanks to Maggie, a fellow blogger with the Postaday project and author of Kaleidoscope, for suggesting this social network and online game!  It’s a pretty cool site and I decided to add my own “brand” to it, so people can follow along and gain points for acts or words of Kindness. Go to my *kindnesskampaign page and start earning points for a good cause! Each month AOK (which means Acts Of Kindness) chooses a charity to support. The more points we “win” the more dollars are contributed to the charity. Just remember to post your story with the flashtag *kindnesskampaign in the title.  January points are going to help Wholesome Wave support local farmers and farmers markets working to improve healthy food access to communities in need.  Let’s start playing the game for Kindness’ sake!

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