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Weekly Photo Challenge: Create


Any time I see the word create, I cringe just a little bit.  I don’t consider myself creative; I can’t draw, paint, sculpt, write music.  So I deem myself “not creative”.

Until I remember my love for cooking.  Main dishes, desserts, drinks.  I love to create in the kitchen.  Here are some of my creations over the last couple of years from different times and seasons.  With some, I am grateful to have had fresh ingredients from my garden to create from scratch.  Buon Appettito!

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The Kindness Of Friendships


FriendsI had dinner with some friends tonight – nothing fancy, just cooked together and had a leisurely meal that ended hours later. After-dinner conversation was interesting, funny, poignant, thoughtful, crazy.  Just the way it should be among friends.

I’m grateful that I have lived with a variety of friendships and appreciate them all in different ways, at different stages of my life.  Some have been lifelong friends, others newly made, and a range of ages and interests as well.  It keeps me from getting “stale”, and I like that.  It means that I can continue to live a life that is rich, balanced, and interesting.  I hope that I can always return the kindness of friendship to as many who have given to me…

How have different friendships enriched your life?


Love Your Community!

Neighborhood Picnic 2011 017

Quickly becoming one of my favorite blogs to read – Your Ideas Redditch is all about building community. I think you’ll like the poster they found on ways to love your community, posted on Valentine’s Day.  “Turn off your tv”, “Leave your house” and other simple ways to know your neighbors!  Click on the link below for more…

Love Your Community this Valentines day!.


The Art of Growing Food: Interview with an Organic Farmer

Agroecosystem in Croton-on-Hudson, New York in...

A different kind of Kindness – being kind to the land and to your community! Great post…keep this in mind as we get closer to spring, or find someone who engages in 4 season farming in your community! Click on the link below…

The Art of Growing Food: Interview with an Organic Farmer.


Sunday Visiting

English: I took this photo of a Lord's Day.

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While growing up it was common to spend Sundays visting with family and/or friends. The routine usually was to go to church, come home and change, and then off to grandma’s or an aunt or uncle’s house for dinner. Then it was time for play or visiting with friends afterwards. Read the rest of this entry ?

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