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A beautiful story shared by GYA today from CBS Evening News. What could our world be like if only…?

GYA today

What a wonderful lesson learned and then practiced.


story and video credit: CBS news

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Local Student Changing Community


Homeless woman in Toronto.

“High school senior Chad Lukasiewicz started SOS a few years ago as a way to provide the area’s homeless population with the basic necessities.” 9 News Denver

I love stories like these!  We need to see and hear more of the good our youth are doing to change their communities.  Despite what we are led to believe, there are lots of kids, teens and young adults who want to change their world for the better.  Thanks to Channel 9 News for covering this story.  Watch the video about SOS – I know you’ll be smiling!


Kindness and…Lady Gaga?

English: Lady Gaga performing on the Fame Ball...

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I wasn’t sure what to expect when I read the article from the New York Times, “Born to not get bullied“.  Gaga has set up a foundation that will be a “bottom-up movement to try to make it cooler for young people to be nice”.  She says it is not an anti-bullying campaign – it is a youth empowerment movement.  Gaga says in the article that she was bullied as a girl, in her teenage years and wants to let kids know they have a voice, and they can change the world by choosing kindness.I have to say, I am impressed. Not my type of musical genre at all, but I do have to admit that Lady Gaga is talented. And now I am happy to see that she has a soft side as well.  Good for her!  I hope that people sit up and take notice of the good she is trying to accomplish.  Would that more would look at bottom-up rather than top-down movements to change the world!  No matter your feelings personally, I would encourage you to read the article – and think of ways we can all be encouraging kids that it’s “cool to be kind”!


Receiving Warm Fuzzies: Kind Words from the Second Grade

Second Grade Visitation 2011

I was looking through my site stats when I noticed that “Admin” liked one of my posts.  Always curious to see who is reading my posts, I went over to the blog “Admin” writes, and found a great blog and this wonderful post.  I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did!

Receiving Warm Fuzzies: Kind Words from the Second Grade.


100 Acts Of Kindness Project


I found a great blog tonight while looking for stories about kindness, and an additional Kindness Challenge.  Check out 100 Acts of Kindness from Toddler Approved:


By the title of the blog you can tell it’s activities with kids, and they can be adapted in many ways no matter the age range.  I know it’s already started but there is still plenty of time! Another great project to make a difference in your world.  You can check their facebook page too.

Have fun finding ways to be kind!

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