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Travel Theme: Street Markets


Porta Portese Street Market, Rome Italy ~ photo by Debbie Sarcone

Last Easter I was in Rome, and after church went to the market at Porta Portese.  I’d heard about this market and needed to see for myself what was offered there.  Whatever you need, you will almost be guaranteed to find it at Porta Portese.  It is a combination farmers market, flea market, and swap meet like you’ve never seen!  And it goes on for blocks past the gate it is named for.  Even with a few hours to spend, there seemed to be not enough time to really take in all that was there.  That gives me another reason to return to the Eternal City!

Thanks to Where’s My Backpack? for setting the challenge this week!


Weekly Photo Challenge: Summer


Looking for seashells on the beach always reminds me of summer! ~ photo by Debbie Sarcone

The beach always reminds me of summer, whether it’s actually summer or not.  Growing up on the east coast and near the shore, whether New York’s Orchard Beach, Long Island’s Jones Beach, or Spring Lake in NJ, summers always had a few days spent at the beach.


Friday Fun – Favorite Cartoons


Caption of the Public Domain short film "...

 One of the things I always looked forward to was watching my favorite cartoons.

What were (are) some of your favorites that still make you laugh out loud?


Thursday Thanks


late night coffee with friendsToday I am thankful for all of the different friends in my life: the ones who have remained through the years, no matter the distance between us or the life decisions we’ve made – we don’t talk very often, see each other even less, but when we do it’s like we never missed a beat.  The ones I catch up with every day on facebook and who live all around the globe.  My baseball buddies who will bemoan how bad the Rockies STILL are – and there’s no team that will ever best the Bronx Bombers.  The ones who keep me honest – time and time again.  And the new ones who continue to come into my life to keep it interesting.  Yeah, I’m grateful for all that…

What are you thankful for today?


First Award For The Kindness Kronicles!


What a wonderful surprise…another blogger has nominated me for an award!  I want to thank Letizia from Dutch Goes Italian for appreciating my blog by doing this.  Letizia blogs about life in Italy – one of my favorite subjects.  Her stories are varied, from old castles to great recipes.  Check out the blog at

There are just a few rules upon accepting this award:

◦Thank the person who nominated me and add a link (Done!)

◦Tell 7 things about myself

◦Nominate 15 fellow bloggers

So…about me:

I live in a small town just outside of Denver, Colorado.

Originally from the East Coast (NY area).

I love my garden – a mix of flowers, fruit trees, herbs. My favorite is roses!

I have two cats – one I am “fostering” for someone.

My favorite place in the whole wide world is Italy!

My other favorite place is Hawai’i.

I appreciate all kinds of music – expect maybe rap 😉

And for the other blogs I choose to nominate:

1. Your Ideas Redditch

2. GYA

3. Filing Away Cupcakes

4. DogDaz

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6. 36ixty5

7. 7978moments

8. Project 365 Vets

9. Today’s View From The Greenway

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11. My Life Is My Message

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13. Going Dutch

14. Hundreds Of Hundreds

15. 365 Acts of Love

If you click on the name of the blog it will open a new window and you can take a look yourself.  I think you’ll enjoy them as much as I have!  Thanks to each one for bringing different perspective to life in their own way.

Thanks again to Letizia for nominating The Kindness Kronicles!  That was very kind…

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