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Travel Theme: Secret Places


I have thought about this for a few days.  Ailsa has challenged her readers from Where’s My Backpack? to post photos of a place that is little known, unknown, or an out of the way place.  I have thought until my head hurt and I couldn’t think anymore until…

I found my Secret Place – two of them, actually.  And they are right under everyone’s nose, not only in Denver but just about any city in the world.  My secret places are the Botanical Gardens and the Zoo.  What makes them “secret” though, is the time of year I go:  I love visiting in the off-seasons, winter and fall usually.  Not many people want to walk in the cold, and most don’t find the Gardens especially inspiring when things are dying or flowers aren’t in full bloom.  Here are some photos I found from my walks through the Gardens and Zoo in Denver.  I hope you find them as enjoyable as I have!

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When I’ve traveled, I have visited Boboli Gardens (Florence) in the fall, Parco Sempione (Milan) in the dead of winter, and the Palatine “Museum” (Rome) also in winter.  I have visited Hyde Park (London) just before spring, and the National Museum (Bulgaria) in winter.  What places are secret for you that are in plain view? 🙂


Weekly Photo Challenge: Close


I had the experience of a lifetime last year: I was in Rome on Good Friday for La Via Crucis, The Way Of The Cross.  I was not in the main area but close enough to get these photos, and they also show how close the people were to each other.  Glad I wasn’t one of them in that crowd!  I had my own small throng across the street and looking from the walkway above.  As crazy as it was, I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything…

Crowds gathered hours before the service to get as close as possible to see the Pope. ~ photo by Debbie Sarcone

Pope Benedict officiates at the service. ~ photo by Debbie Sarcone

Trying to disperse afterwards. ~ photo by Debbie Sarcone


Travel Theme: Street Markets


Porta Portese Street Market, Rome Italy ~ photo by Debbie Sarcone

Last Easter I was in Rome, and after church went to the market at Porta Portese.  I’d heard about this market and needed to see for myself what was offered there.  Whatever you need, you will almost be guaranteed to find it at Porta Portese.  It is a combination farmers market, flea market, and swap meet like you’ve never seen!  And it goes on for blocks past the gate it is named for.  Even with a few hours to spend, there seemed to be not enough time to really take in all that was there.  That gives me another reason to return to the Eternal City!

Thanks to Where’s My Backpack? for setting the challenge this week!

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