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Thursday Thanks – Title IX


If you are female and playing college or competitive sports today, thank the legislators who 40 years ago signed Title IX, which required equal opportunity for boys and girls in school programs that received federal funding.  Athletics was one of the beneficiaries of the landmark legislation.

English: Kathrine Switzer at the 2011 Berlin M...

English: Kathrine Switzer at the 2011 Berlin Marathon Expo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You can also thank the women who made strides in sports when many said they couldn’t or shouldn’t.  The NY Times has a great timeline of women in sports; you can read it HERE.

CBS Evening News had a feature story on the first woman to run in the Boston Marathon – watch Kathrine Switzer’s story HERE.

I am proud to see the contribution women have made in the athletic world.  Yes, there is controversy as with any change, but this made a difference in how women can participate, not only compete.  I am grateful for the role models who made it possible…


Thirteen Caring Women | Random Acts of Kindness


Volunteer Night at Downtown LA Women's Shelter 001

I was looking for a story to share when I went to the RAK website.  This was too good not to pass on!  It’s about 13 women who decided to get involved in their community. Read about their efforts in the link below. What a great idea – maybe others can do the same in their communities…

Thirteen Caring Women | Random Acts of Kindness.

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