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Thursday Thanks – Musicians Who Care…


I caught par121212 Concertt of the benefit concert for those affected by Hurricane Sandy.  It always amazes me the people who come together to help others.  Old and new faces together, but especially impressed by those whose “prime” was 30,40 or even 50 years ago.  Thankful for artists who use their talents for good…


Wednesday’s Word – Hospitality

Volunteers after Hurricane Sandy

Volunteers after Hurricane Sandy (Photo credit: WarmSleepy)

This story gives new meaning to the word “Hospitality”.  A man who owns a restaurant in a seaside New Jersey town has gone from helping a few emergency responders from Hurricane Sandy to feeding and clothing his community.  Read the full story HERE about Woody’s Ocean Grille.  If you are inclined to donate – this is a local organization that is making a difference.  Thanks to people like Chris Wood, the Jersey Shore will rise again…


11.4.12 How You Can Help Pets Effected By Storm Sandy


Dogdaz posted this for her blog entry on Sunday.

English: Houston, Texas, October 1, 2008 -- Hu...

English: Houston, Texas, October 1, 2008 — Hurricane Ike orphaned thousands of pets. The Society for the Protection of Animals (SPCA) recruited volunteers to foster pets while they attempted to reunite them with owners. This dog, fostered for 10 days, is being adopted by a new family. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) works with government agencies and local volunteer groups to help care for pets, protected, and endangered species after a disaster. Leif Skoogfors/FEMA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Worth repeating and spreading the word.  Help the shelters and rescues that have taken in so many and now need help themselves!  Click on the link below…

11.4.12 How You Can Help Pets Effected By Storm Sandy.


Thursday Thanks – Technology


Do you know the number 1 phrase posted on facebook after Hurricane Sandy roared through the northeast?

Hurricane Sandy Flooding Avenue C 2012

“We’re okay”

Having been through it with family here, I found myself thankful for social media and technology that helped keep me connected.

What about you?  Have you been able to contact those you care about in the midst of disaster? Has technology made it easier to not worry?


Staying Safe

Hurricane Sandy 2012 (from

Hurricane Sandy 2012 (from (Photo credit: Canadian Pacific)

I came to NJ for a wedding this weekend, and ended up staying through Hurricane Sandy.  All city and state officials in the tri-state area have issued warnings for people to stay safe and to keep themselves and emergency personnel out of harm’s way.  If you are in the area of danger, please remember to listen to those instructions.  It could save your life and the life of those who are staying in the danger zones to protect and serve.  It is the kindest thing you can do for yourself, them, and those you love.  Stay safe through the storm!

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