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End someone’s year with a smile…follow this person’s lead…:)



Simple Heroism

Peace On Earth

Peace On Earth (Photo credit: yeejeh)

On the CBS Evening News, Scott Pelley interviewed Nazi death camp survivor Elie Weisel about “Peace on Earth”.  Mr. Weisel suggested that it is up to all of us as individuals to be part of bringing about world peace by simple gestures like helping others.  “Sometimes a handshake has the power of a [olive] branch” says Mr. Weisel.  Watch the full video HERE.

I wonder (as Scott Pelley would say) how we can continue with our small acts of kindness and simple heroism to bring Peace on Earth.  I think I may just have found a resolution for 2013.

What about you?


More On 26 Acts Of Kindness

RACK Tracker

Susan Garcia’s third grade class keeps track of their “Random Acts of Classroom Kindness”

“Meet someone new at recess and play together.”

This was one of the random acts of kindness the third graders in Susan Garcia’s class came up with when challenged to do something in memory of those killed at Sandy Hook Elementary last week.  It can be difficult at best to explain the unexplainable to children; Garcia came up with the idea after seeing Ann Curry’s Twitter challenge.

The kids “ran with it”, Garcia said.  What an awesome way to honor those who lost their lives.  Read the full story HERE


Wednesday’s Word – Imagine


Imagine (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

GYA Today published this post as a response to the shootings in Newtown CT on Friday.  So what would it be like to take on this challenge?  Can you imagine what the world could be if we each took this to heart?  I hope you enjoy the post as much as I did – and imagine if it could be…

Make sure to read the comments that NBC was collecting from Twitter followers!

#26Acts of Kindness.

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