One Tuesday Morning


On a Tuesday morning 11 years ago, I was getting ready for work and turned the bedroom radio on – something I never do – EVER.  What I heard was unimaginable.  I had to run and turn on the TV.  As I went through the day at work, TVs on, people checking the web for any news available, it was surreal.  The days ahead became a blur; the pit in my stomach and the ache in my heart lasted for weeks on end.  It hit me in a way it only could for those of us who grew up with those images.  I lived in the tri-State area for most of my life;  one of my uncles was part of the construction crew for the WTC Towers.  The images haunt me every time I go home and drive Rte 3 Eastbound.   There is a crest of a hill on the way towards the Lincoln Tunnel where you can see the whole New York City skyline.  I miss seeing those gleaming Towers when I look to the south end of Manhattan.   I remember taking the elevators that seemed to travel at Warp Speed to the Observation Deck.  I remember the feeling of the building swaying when it was windy.  And I remember where I was THAT morning.

Where were you?



  1. It doesn’t seem appropriate from me to “like” your post. It seems so trivial; like littering. I’m a Johannesburger, living in South Africa. What I do remember are the screams, “Come and look! You won’t believe this!” Sitting in front of our TV we sat numbed, disbelieving, immobile, fists pressed against our mouths. Terrible. I wish I could hug you. But yes. We all were there that day, wherever we were in the world. And most of us still can’t believe it.

    • I thought about my comment of how it hit me, living in that area. Of course, I don’t want to detract from others around the country and world and how they felt that day. However, just like someone who loses a parent or child suddenly, unless you’ve been in that place it is still a bit different. I hope that is what was conveyed, not that others weren’t impacted. I worked for an international company when this happened and the outpouring of hearts all over the world was astounding. I was grateful to be part of the global community that day!

  2. and you will never forget…
    Wonderful post.

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