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Weekly Photo Challenge: Green


As in “How Green Is My Garden”….these are photos from my vegetable garden last summer.  Fresh green beans and eggplant – yum…enjoy!

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Fine Things


English: Three Fine Swans All in a graceful pr...

Yes, a fine blog post from GYA today.  Enjoy Fine Things!


The Kindness of Nature


You will find something more in woods than in books.  Trees and stones will teach you that which you can never learn from masters.  ~St. Bernard

A beautiful view from above Boulder ~ photo by Debbie Sarcone

Truly it may be said that the outside of a mountain is good for the inside of a man.  ~George Wherry, Alpine Notes and the Climbing Foot, 1896

View of the Rockies from Boulder ~ photo by Debbie Sarcone


Thursday Thanks – Comic Relief


Laughter (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

They say laughter is the best medicine, and today that phrase proved to be SO true.  After an early morning lesson on how to use public transport, and many detours and questions later into the afternoon, I was fried.  I mean, “don’t talk to me” fried.  As we were waiting for the bus to take us home, I was listening to questions of what other transport could be used, when can I drive, this is taking too long – if you have kids I am sure you have heard all of this many times.  I couldn’t wait to get home, my brain was tired, my body was exhausted, and I just wanted to have lunch and a nap.  So when the bus finally came, I explained (again) to one of the students to just put the ticket in the slot and we would be on our way.  Now we had just come from the train where you have to validate your ticket – put it into the slot and stamp it, and take it back.  The bus takes your ticket.  So the student stuck the ticket into the slot, and started yelling almost immediately.  I turned around to see what was happening.  The poor guy did not tear his ticket from the booklet, just stuck it in the slot like the train, expecting it to be stamped. The ticket machine began to eat the whole booklet!  We finally got the booklet back, and as we made our way home, had a great laugh at the experience.  I am thankful for the break in the tension of an otherwise frustrating day.  Time for rest and back to do it again tomorrow!


Wednesday’s Word – Balance


Balancing Act

Not exactly what you would think of in reference to kindness – or would you?  Consider some definitions from Webster’s Dictionary:

~ a means of judging or deciding

~ a counterbalancing weight, force, or influence

~ an aesthetically pleasing integration of elements

~ mental and emotional steadiness

I can think of a great deal of situations where it is kind to be balanced – what do you think?

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