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First Award For The Kindness Kronicles!


What a wonderful surprise…another blogger has nominated me for an award!  I want to thank Letizia from Dutch Goes Italian for appreciating my blog by doing this.  Letizia blogs about life in Italy – one of my favorite subjects.  Her stories are varied, from old castles to great recipes.  Check out the blog at

There are just a few rules upon accepting this award:

◦Thank the person who nominated me and add a link (Done!)

◦Tell 7 things about myself

◦Nominate 15 fellow bloggers

So…about me:

I live in a small town just outside of Denver, Colorado.

Originally from the East Coast (NY area).

I love my garden – a mix of flowers, fruit trees, herbs. My favorite is roses!

I have two cats – one I am “fostering” for someone.

My favorite place in the whole wide world is Italy!

My other favorite place is Hawai’i.

I appreciate all kinds of music – expect maybe rap 😉

And for the other blogs I choose to nominate:

1. Your Ideas Redditch

2. GYA

3. Filing Away Cupcakes

4. DogDaz

5. Two Hands Create Change

6. 36ixty5

7. 7978moments

8. Project 365 Vets

9. Today’s View From The Greenway

10. Happy Heart Of Europe

11. My Life Is My Message

12. Simple Pleasures

13. Going Dutch

14. Hundreds Of Hundreds

15. 365 Acts of Love

If you click on the name of the blog it will open a new window and you can take a look yourself.  I think you’ll enjoy them as much as I have!  Thanks to each one for bringing different perspective to life in their own way.

Thanks again to Letizia for nominating The Kindness Kronicles!  That was very kind…


Show Kindness To The Kindness Kronicles!


Golden Field

Yes,  I am self-promoting!  The best way to spread kindness is to help spread the news about those who are trying to live by it.  So…make sure you are sharing the posts you like here, like the facebook page, share posts on facebook…you get the idea.  I really like what Lady Gaga said in her article that it’s more about a grass-roots empowerment campaign than a crack-down on not being nice. Imagine if everyone took time in their day to be kind. That’s what the theme is here, on this blog – to get others, myself included, to bring civility back to life, courtesy as the cool thing to do, treating others as we would like to be treated.

Would you help in spreading the news? That would be so kind of you!

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