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Kindness and Carnival Games

Midway at night I

Midway at night I (Photo credit: Derek Lyons)

What do you do when you have a gift for winning at the midway games?  Find out HERE with CBS News “On The Road”.  It just goes to show how creative you can be to show kindness!


Paint The Town

a photograph of a colorful fire hydrant in Dem...

a photograph of a colorful fire hydrant in Demorest, Georgia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“It’s just what a community ought to do.” 

What started as a way to fight depression became an inspiration to bring a community together.  CBS Evening News and On The Road feature story spotlights a widower who just wanted to do something to ease his sadness after his wife passed away.

“I can do something about the town. We’ll paint it,” he explained.

“The whole town,” he added.


He started with a fire hydrant, moved down the road to the guardrail and then hit a home stretch.

Read the full story and watch the video HERE.

Is there something your community can do together to inspire and help others?


Kindness in the Construction Zones

Caltrans CA40A

I had to go across town today, and that meant driving through numerous work, utility, and construction zones. I was dismayed at the number of drivers who ignored signs to slow down, reduce speed, or even be conscious of the work and workers around them.  Even the threat of “fines doubled” does not deter most drivers.

With the increased driving distractions we tend to have these days, it makes even more sense to be considerate of those who put their lives in jeopardy working on the roads. PLEASE be kind and pay attention to the work and reduce speed signs. You never know whose father or brother or husband – or wife, mother, daughter – you’ll be passing and possibly sparing their lives in the long run.  Isn’t that worth the few more seconds to get to your destination?

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