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New Blog For Me


Well, according to my 2012 Annual Report from WordPress, I only had 364 posts.  So here is my last post for the year…

I mentioned in a post, some time ago, that I am now hosting international students.

International students

International students (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I decided to write about my experiences (and theirs) in a new blog called “Denver Host Stories”.  Stay tuned for the first entries by the end of this week .  Follow along on the adventure – and if you have hosted students I want to hear about it! 🙂

Happy New Year…


…And Communities Love Together

texas our texas

texas our texas (Photo credit: jmtimages)

Just as we can’t fathom how one person could be so ruthless, we hear stories of great love and compassion, as this one from a small town in Texas.  Families who have taken it upon themselves to care for children who are in desperate need of family and love.  If you need some good news about humanity, read the full article HERE.


Communities Hurt Together


Sandy Hook Elementary

As I read about the unthinkable in Newtown CT today, I couldn’t help but think of my own family not far from the scene. As it turns out, I have a cousin who had children going to school in Newtown, but not at Sandy Hook. As I breathed a sigh of relief for my family, there was also a knot in my stomach that hasn’t quit all night. I grieve for and with the families who lost loved ones. I pray for comfort and that community comes together to heal. I know communities all over the country, and around the world, are grieving. Pray for hearts to know and to live out of compassion for each other, and genuine concern. Make it a point to teach kindness, compassion and love – and live it every day…


Friday Fun


Peanuts Christmas


Thursday Thanks – Technology


Do you know the number 1 phrase posted on facebook after Hurricane Sandy roared through the northeast?

Hurricane Sandy Flooding Avenue C 2012

“We’re okay”

Having been through it with family here, I found myself thankful for social media and technology that helped keep me connected.

What about you?  Have you been able to contact those you care about in the midst of disaster? Has technology made it easier to not worry?

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