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2013 for facebook and blogWell, I did it – writing or posting something about kindness just about every day in 2012. Some of my travels across time zones made it a little funky to keep track, but at the end of the year, I have 366 posts.

It’s been an interesting journey and I have learned a lot. I have met many great people along the way, and have come to admire so many more who have made me laugh, think, cry – and challenge me to use my imagination and just write! Thanks to everyone who has made the journey with me. I will continue in 2013, although I don’t think I will commit to a daily entry. That proved a bit challenging for me. I will say that I am committed to posting about the things and people I see and hear about that are kind, compassionate, and good. We don’t see enough of that today; we need to hear more good than evil.

I hope you will continue along the way with me. I wish you a very Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year. Not happy in the things you have, but the love you give and get. Not necessarily healthy in body, but definitely in mind and spirit. And not prosperous (only) financially, but in every relationship and decision and choice – may you prosper in your soul.

2013 – it’s going to be a great year!


Can You Help?


I think I shared this video when CBS Evening News first broadcast the story of a man asking for a kidney for his wife.  That was a few months ago – and Jimmy Sue still hasn’t found a match.

SwillingsI am posting this in the hope that someone who reads this will know someone who knows someone who…well, you get the idea.  This is the type of story that needs sharing – please watch the video and pass it on!


Friday Fun


End someone’s year with a smile…follow this person’s lead…:)



Simple Heroism

Peace On Earth

Peace On Earth (Photo credit: yeejeh)

On the CBS Evening News, Scott Pelley interviewed Nazi death camp survivor Elie Weisel about “Peace on Earth”.  Mr. Weisel suggested that it is up to all of us as individuals to be part of bringing about world peace by simple gestures like helping others.  “Sometimes a handshake has the power of a [olive] branch” says Mr. Weisel.  Watch the full video HERE.

I wonder (as Scott Pelley would say) how we can continue with our small acts of kindness and simple heroism to bring Peace on Earth.  I think I may just have found a resolution for 2013.

What about you?


In Any Language…


christmas in diff languages

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