Kindness Kampaign

The Kindness Kampaign – Let it begin with me!
We are creating a list of kind things that individuals or groups can do, from simple to elaborate, something for kids or adults, or mixed groups.  My challenge to you is to join the Kindness Kampaign – and then add a comment with your idea.  Here’s some examples:

  1. Keep a bag of breakfast or protein bars in your car and hand out to homeless asking for help.
  2. Leave an anonymous note for someone that will encourage them. Could be at a coffee shop, your office, the grocery store. (Thanks to Piercing The Darkness for this idea!)
  3. Leave a dollar bill somewhere that someone could use.
  4. Pay for the meal or coffee for the car behind you at the drive-thru.
  5. Offer to shovel a neighbor’s walk or driveway.
  6. Mail a card or thank-you note to someone.
  7. Get a group to do spring clean-up for someone who needs a hand.

Comments most welcome! Look forward to hearing what others are doing….



  1. Notice the name tag of the cashier at the checkout, use it when you say thank you.

  2. Great ideas. I am looking forward to reading more on your site. Thanks for linking to my article on Earth Day!

    • Thank you and you’re very welcome! I like the new post too, on buying organic – looking forward to following your blog!

      • Thanks so much. I guess the feeling is mutual. Such a great idea for your blog. I am sure I will find lots of great posts on your site to share with others. You might like The Cause Blog, too. She features all kinds of charities and volunteer opportunities. http://cause-blog.com

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