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Weekly Photo Challenge: Big


I had to think through my files of photos for this. As I was glancing through the folders, I found my pics of a business trip to Las Vegas.  Bigger than life. EVERYTHING.  I remember walking from my hotel room to the conference center, through the casinos and OTB rooms in Mandalay Bay – you could get lost so easily!  On a free afternoon and evening, I went for a walk on the Strip.  Here are some pictures that say BIG to me…

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Happy


I was happy to see the challenge for this week – there are so many things that make me happy!  Here are just a few…

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Mine


The new challenge (which was delayed due to technical difficulties) is to post a picture that says “Mine”.  There are a lot of creative ways to convey this thought, but for an Italian-American who loves to cook, this series of photos made perfect sense.  At Christmas, my grandmother made this traditional dessert from Naples (called Struffoli) from the time I was a little girl, as her mother did before her.  When I moved to Colorado, I picked up the tradition and began making it for friends and family.  The recipe has now become “Mine”…

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitary


The solitary finch on a street sign in Captain Cook, HI. ~ photo by Debbie Sarcone

When I read about the challenge this week I started digging through old photos.  There were a few that would have been good for the subject but this was my favorite.  On a trip a couple of winters past I was walking along the road with a friend and her dogs.  I happened to have my camera along and happy I did for this shot alone!


Weekly Photo Challenge: Everyday Life


Everyday Life on 34th Street in Manhattan ~ photo by Debbie Sarcone

This week’s photo challenge was to show a picture of everyday life, and I thought of this day I spent in Manhattan in June.  A typical bustling weekday in the city near Herald Square!

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