Be Kind To Small Business!


The holiday season has officially started, so says Macy’s at their Thanksgiving Day Parade.  Black Friday has passed, and Cyber Monday is upon us.  And where does that leave your local business?

People are concerned about the economy, about big box stores and corporations squeezing the little guy out.  There is only one way to change that – it begins with you and I walking into our locally owned shops in our towns, our neighborhoods.  A good way to balance this is commit $50 a month in locally owned businesses.  Check out the statistics on The 3/50 Project.

And when you are shopping this year, there is always something you can find at your local store. It might cost a couple of dollars more, but think of the cheer you are spreading by keeping it local.

Happy Holidays! And remember…



  1. I wish I could shop local but where I live in suburbia, it’s all big box chain stores. The one local restaurant near us closed up suddenly and was gone the next day 😦

    • I know, it’s really hard in some areas. The same where I live, and it’s only been the last couple of years to see it making a slow return. Hope you find one somewhere close soon!

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