Travel Theme: Mystical


This week, Ailsa of Where’s My Backpack?, challenged readers to post photos of something that means “Mystical”…

A couple of winters ago I visited Kona, Hawai’i for the first time.  Just south of Kona is a national historical site, Puuhonua o Honaunau.  It is one of the most sacred sites in Hawai’i and the temple there, at one time, housed the bones of 23 chiefs.  It was also the home of royal grounds and a sacred place of refuge for those who broke the laws, or kapu.  These are photos of the temple site and the kii (wooden images of gods) that guarded it.  Read about the site in the link above, it’s an incredible history.  This is one place I would love to return someday!

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  3. I have been there, and it is indeed a very special place.

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