Thursday Thanks – Stories To Tell

December 7 1941

December 7 1941 (Photo credit: Luke Bryant)

I belong to an Italian-American organization that held a special tribute tonight for veterans of the US military.  There was quite a large group who were honored, and some had offered their stories of being in one war or another.  The best though, was a 98 year old gentleman who recounted his experience in Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941.  Speaking like it was yesterday, he told the story of being on his “cruiser” with half the crew on weekend leave, the rest on the ship when the sirens went off, thinking it was just a drill.  Until the ship next to them was strafed with gunfire from the enemy planes.   He told the audience of the next four days at sea, able to get out of the harbor, and waiting to go back home. He served in every arena in the Pacific during World War II.

Although I was not born when the attack occurred, I have heard stories, watched the movies,  and seen the newsreels.  As I get older I guess I appreciate more the ones who are left.  I went up to this gentleman after the ceremony, and shook his hand, and thanked him for his service. I told him it was an honor to hear his story.  I meant every word of gratitude I spoke.  Thankful for the few who are still here and able to tell their stories.  I hope you have the opportunity to hear someone’s firsthand experience too.


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