Wednesday’s Word – Patience


Wittenberg International Student Party

Dictionary.com defines patience as “capacity, willingness to endure”.  I am learning about this willingness to endure as I assist new students acclimate to the US and learning new language, customs and cultures.  I have decided that when my year is up for Postaday 2012, I am going to write about my experience as a host for international students!  It is fun, but challenging at times, and definitely tiring as I spend most of my days explaining bus and train schedules, act as advocate for school, bank and phone companies, and even deal with family abroad as they are frantic about their family member being so far away.  When I feel I have reached my limit where patience is concerned, I remember the kids I am hosting and how frightening it might be for them being so far away from home, and for many, the first time.  It is then that my patience seems to regenerate, and I can treat them more kindly and be willing to assist.  It’s been fun, frustrating, and fulfilling, sometimes all three in a very short timeframe!  Oh, and did I mention I am loving every minute?  Stay tuned for more adventures…


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