In Memoriam


Yesterday I had to do one of the hardest things I know: letting go of my 16+ year old cat and companion before cancer got to him.  The easier thing to do would have been to keep him around for me.  The kinder thing for him would be to go in some peace and not so much pain.  So I did the kinder for him and, with my vet of almost 20 years, we said a tearful goodbye.

Sometimes the kind thing to do is not the easy thing.  And that’s the paradox of kindness – we do it not to necessarily make us feel good, although that sometimes is the result; we act in kindness for the other.

Good night sweet Morice – you will be very much missed…



  1. I imagine how hard it must have been. I’ve had 2 cats with my parents in The Netherlands. 3,5 Years ago I needed to bring one of them (then 15 years old) to the vet and let him go. Horrible!! And last week my other one (19 years old) died. It so sad loosing your pet…. But as you said sometimes kindness is doing something really hard. Hang in there!!

    • Thank you for your kind words, and for sharing your experience. I’m sorry to hear about your cat. It is so hard to let go but so much better for our pets…

  2. I am so sorry for your loss, Debbie. It was the kinder thing to do.

    • Thank you, Naomi.

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