Weekly Photo Challenge: Mine


The new challenge (which was delayed due to technical difficulties) is to post a picture that says “Mine”.  There are a lot of creative ways to convey this thought, but for an Italian-American who loves to cook, this series of photos made perfect sense.  At Christmas, my grandmother made this traditional dessert from Naples (called Struffoli) from the time I was a little girl, as her mother did before her.  When I moved to Colorado, I picked up the tradition and began making it for friends and family.  The recipe has now become “Mine”…

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  1. Oooweeee! It looks scrumptuous. Isn’t it wonderful not only to follow a tradition, but to start a tradition. A friend’s niece recently started a tradition to get the family together every Thursday evening. Sometimes no one arrives; other times everyone arrives; sometimes only one person appears at her doorstep. They all contribute to the family meal. It’s a wonderful tradition. I’m sure you are enjoying yours. That cake links you, your family and friends both to the past – and to the future. Enjoy!

    • That’s what is so wonderful about carrying on of traditions! I love the thought of generations before me doing the same, and hoping the ones after do as well…

      Thanks for your comment! 🙂

  2. Wow that looks so scrumptious. If it’s even half as good as it looks I dont blame you for calling it “mine.”

    • Thank you! I am happy to say this is as good as my grandmother’s. It took me awhile to adjust for the altitude but after a few years, finally did it. 🙂

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