Wednesday’s Word – Tranquil


I was up very early to get an early flight.  It was nice to be in the airport before crowds and chaos.  It was quiet – TRANQUIL.  And then I sat down by the gate: jazz music, which I love, was pumped up a little too loud.  And then there were the announcements: most of the usual you hear were non-existent, EXCEPT for the gong that went off when Ft. Myers’ airport announced the time.

Quiet Zone

Quiet Zone (Photo credit: QualityFrog)

It was heard LOUD and clear.  While I’m sure this was done deliberately to keep people from missing their flights, it is a little much for me.

Then I got to Charlotte to find the connecting flight delayed over one hour.  More noise from announcements, chatter from the crowd that was already too big from the delay plus regular traffic.  I was looking forward to getting HOME.

My day continued like this until right before I went to bed.  I thought about all the different places I was in through one day and how much noise I encountered.  I think someone needs to consider “Quiet Zones” again, like they used to do in the hospitals many years ago.  The original intent was for patients to recuperate fully while the noise of the world went on around them.  Perhaps we need to take notice and develop quiet zones in key places.  What do you think?  Have you noticed the noise in your life, whether it’s increased?



  1. You said it so well. I took a photo of a municipal sign some years ago just outside a hospital. It showed a man holding his fingers to his lips, shushing folk because there was a hospital right behind the sign. This was incongruous to the surroundings. For it was a high noise zone that could never in a thousand years be eliminated. The receptionist at the hospital informed me that they put it there just for show!

    • I know, it can be an oxymoron – but I think we have also gone to the other side so unbalanced. There is noise everywhere you go! My pet peeve with it is that it subconsciously suggests that we cannot be alone with our thoughts, that silence is a bad thing, that conversation is not needed. I really dislike restaurants that are piping in music at a level that you can’t hear your dinner partner speaking. And that’s not just at fast food places anymore. I was at an ice cream shop a few weeks ago that was blaring head-banging heavy metal. Won’t be going there again! It’s really too bad that we don’t see the value in tranquility…

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