Wednesday’s Word – Balance


Balancing Act

Not exactly what you would think of in reference to kindness – or would you?  Consider some definitions from Webster’s Dictionary:

~ a means of judging or deciding

~ a counterbalancing weight, force, or influence

~ an aesthetically pleasing integration of elements

~ mental and emotional steadiness

I can think of a great deal of situations where it is kind to be balanced – what do you think?



  1. I think being balanced would be important to friends/relatives who depend on us.

    I know I like to or will confide in someone who I feel is always trustworthy and will listen and respond in a similar way that he/she responded in the past. Don’t mean always agree with me…..but will listen to me and I will be given a balanced response.

  2. There must be something seriously amiss. You’ve challenged me Debbie. Can’t think of a single thing to do with balance. My life is certainly not balanced. What am I going to do? Am always on the move between Johannesburg and Mwinilunga.
    Perhaps the only thing that keeps me balanced – not perhaps, but certainly – is faith in YHWH and his eternal Son. Otherwise I’d go crackers.
    Meantime, I’m having fun. What a journey!

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