Wednesday’s Word – Thoughtful

Writing Notes with Grammy

Writing Notes with Grammy (Photo credit: wickenden)

From Dictionary.com – showing consideration for others; considerate.

When you think of the word “thoughtful” what comes to mind? I think of the friend who one time sent me cards on a regular basis to cheer me up.  Or the teacher who spent extra time with me so I could “get it”.

What does it mean for you?



  1. I’d just had my first baby, and received a visitor – my mom’s second cousin who I didn’t know too well. Being unused to being given gifts, I was overwhelmed by her thoughtfulness. She had brought a shoe box. It was beautifully covered. And in the box was a a week-long set of promise cards for each day. No one had ever done something like that for me. The detail in the gift healed my soul.

  2. Thoughtful is an adjective but turns into an action.

    Thoughtful can mean something which is planned out…(referring to the comment
    backthewaywecame made about her promise cards.) Or it can be something that is done at the spur of the moment.

    It can be something big or small. You just know it when it happens.

    I do know when I tell someone they have been … oh so thoughtful, they always say….oh not at all. It was just a little nothing.

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