Quote For The Day


I really like this quote.  I want people to remember me, not for how long I live (which I hope is long!) but for what I contributed throughout my life.  I mentioned this to friends some months back, that if I died today I would be satisfied with the things I have done, people I have met, contributions I have made.  Life is about fullness, not length of it.  Of course, it’s great when we have both, but if given a choice between the two, I would choose the former and not the latter!

What about you?



  1. I agree. It’s what you do with it, and the choices you make.

  2. Right on! It provokes questions we need to face. Glad to know you.

    • Thank you! That’s what it comes down to after all – provoking the questions we need to in life. 🙂

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