Weekly Photo Challenge: Free Spirit


What more could say “free spirit” than a photo of avid Phish followers? The picture is not great, the experience of watching the fans was priceless!

Phish Concert in Denver 8/31/2012 ~ photo by Debbie Sarcone



  1. I had to Google PHISH. lol
    I thank you for the new experience. I even listened to a couple of songs. 🙂

    Blogging is so worthwhile. 🙂

    • They sound pretty good, don’t they? 😉 It was a fun concert!

      • Yes, they do sound good. After searching for Phish, I clicked on a utube video and started listening. I went back to whatever else I was doing and was just listening softly in the background and not paying much attention. Then I realized the sound had been going on for ages. It was over 23 minutes. And I was liking it!!

        There is so much going on in this world and we can’t know it all. But it is great to have the internet and be introduced to new songs etc so quickly.
        It still amazes me. 🙂

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