Thursday Thanks – Seasons


End of summer

I am grateful that the last few days have been more like the traditional end of August here.  Days are warm and nights are getting cooler, sun setting earlier, and a hint of what is to come all too soon is in the air.  Thankful for the seasons especially this year!  I am sure that in a few months we’ll all be asking when summer will return…



  1. You are right. I had thoughts along the same lines this week when I had to close windows to keep out the chill at night. I really like the picture you used with this post. It looks like I could walk right into it.

    • Thank you for your comments! It is a welcome sight, isn’t it? 🙂

      • Yes it is!

  2. In two weeks Johannesburg has gone from two snowy days (the first since 1981) to summer conditions. What the birds make of this, is anyone’s guess. But at least – for now – we can go sleeveless. Let’s hope September’s spring season keeps in tandem. Otherwise it’s back to the chill until 15 December.

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