Thursday Thanks – Good Sportsmanship

Olympic Games Message

Olympic Games Message (Photo credit: chooyutshing)

Watching the Olympics gives me pause to think about what really matters in sports: the love of the the game, the love of competing, the drive to be the best.

I’m also grateful any time I see the true meaning of sportsmanship displayed, like congratulating someone who just bested you for a sure medal, or helping another athlete who has been injured in competition.  Though we may not always see these displays they are there.  And they are inspiring kids all over to “get in the game” – gotta love that!  Seeing the world compete reminds me how important it is to continue expecting – and displaying – good sportsmanship.



  1. I am looking at your background picture of the water rippling out. A kind word is like that. Perhaps that is why you chose it.

    Sometimes I think we get a bit embarrassed to say something kind…..thinking maybe is sounds gushy/mushy. Or maybe that is just me. But once you start doing it, it is easier.

    But beware! People can usually tell when you are insincere.

    • I chose it for exactly that reason! Thanks for noticing. Not just words though; I have found that actions need to be present as well to have that ripple effect. When people see your kindness to others they often will imitate. Thus the ripples in the pond…:)

  2. There were indeed some amazing acts of sportsmanship. Great post!

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