The World A Little Smaller


I love watching the Olympics.  Of course, I love watching the US teams winning, and I also like watching other countries’ teams I don’t get to see often.  Like the Great Britain Men’s Gymnastics team, who took a Bronze medal in the All-Around.  First time since 1912 that GB has won a gymnastics medal.  I love the world feeling smaller.

I also love the enthusiasm of teens who think they can do anything they set their minds to do – and they do it.  Like Missy Franklin, a local high school senior-to-be, who at 5 years old knew she wanted to swim in the Olympics.  Good for her – and congratulations!  Whether receiving a medal or not, these athletes are having the time of their lives, giving everything they have to do the best for their countries.

What’s been your favorite so far?

(photo credits: BBC UK, Colorado Sports Organization)



  1. I watch a bit of it. But it is very hard to watch the disappointments of those that don’t do as well as expected. They have worked so hard and have such high hopes of how a medal will change their lives/fortunes.

    Actually I would rather just go to the school playground and see kids playing and having fun.

    • Yes, I see your point. I think it’s important too, that any athlete learns how to compete, win and lose gracefully. 🙂

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