Friday Fun


A good question to ponder over your weekend…

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  1. I would adopt a child but at this age afraid I would not live long enough to raise them

  2. Perhaps the question is: What would it be like if we weren’t afraid? Is fear a good thing?

    I am sure there are tons of articles etc written about this. I surely don’t have the answers.
    I think fear comes in different degrees or levels or intensity. I have just begun my blog. I have wanted to see what blogging was about but was afraid to try. The fear I felt was exciting and made me nervous. I kept thinking about it for weeks. When I finally enrolled, I felt relieved and wondered why I had been hesitant.

    But now I have a whole new level of fearfulness. I fear I will never learn the Dashboard. I never knew that others had to like you. I never knew others followed you.

    I fear I will be talking to myself. 🙂 But I guess that never hurt anyone.

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