Wednesday’s Word


Benevolence – desire to do good to others; goodwill; charitableness: to be filled with benevolence toward one’s fellow creatures.  (Credit: Dictionary.com)

All Songs Considered

All Songs Considered (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I read this post that a friend shared on facebook.  Benevolence was one word that came to mind as I read.  Other words were “Courtesy” and “Decency“.  It would be interesting to hear what others think about Letter To Emily White at NPR All Songs Considered.

If nothing else, it will make you think about how we are supporting artists – or not…



  1. I am so glad we are getting the word out! Have you or do you plan to notify, inform or censure WordPress for suggesting or “pushing” “Spotify” to the WP users? Are you a friend of Johnny’s? He’s my cuz!

    • Hi Paula, thanks for your comment. I am not doing anything more at this point than reposting the letter since I believe people need to know. They are the ones to make decisions on not using the technology that is providing the platform to not pay for music. I am just one of the messengers. 🙂

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