The Kindness Of Longtime Friendships


“It takes a long time to grow and old friend.” ~ John Leonard  


Friendship (Photo credit: Iguanasan)

I was with friends today that I have known for three decades. That’s 30 years. We don’t see or talk to each other very often anymore as we have headed in different directions in our lives and geographically.  But it really is fun when we have the chance to get together and remember how much we have been through and meant in each others’ lives.

Do you have friendships that you have taken a long time to grow?



  1. […] The Kindness Of Longtime Friendships (thekindnesskronicles.wordpress.com) […]

  2. […] The Kindness Of Longtime Friendships (thekindnesskronicles.wordpress.com) […]

  3. The friend I’ve known the longest I’ve known for almost 42 years! A very long time, indeed. Although we live on separate coasts, when we talk it’s like no time has passed, even if a great deal of time has passed. I truly believe that high school friends are like that though. There is something about sharing that four years together…

  4. I had several longtime friends like you just described, the first I met in college in 1946, the next in 1950 (from Australia), another in 1966, another in 1980. We kept in touch by phone, letter and physically until they have all died, all more than 25 years. Few people I know have had longtime friendships as I have experienced.

    • Thanks for your comment, Robert. It sounds like you have had a rich life with long-time friends! It makes all the difference in the world…

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