Travel Theme: Street Markets


Porta Portese Street Market, Rome Italy ~ photo by Debbie Sarcone

Last Easter I was in Rome, and after church went to the market at Porta Portese.  I’d heard about this market and needed to see for myself what was offered there.  Whatever you need, you will almost be guaranteed to find it at Porta Portese.  It is a combination farmers market, flea market, and swap meet like you’ve never seen!  And it goes on for blocks past the gate it is named for.  Even with a few hours to spend, there seemed to be not enough time to really take in all that was there.  That gives me another reason to return to the Eternal City!

Thanks to Where’s My Backpack? for setting the challenge this week!



  1. Ahh beautiful Rome, I don’t think you need a reason to return to the Eternal City, but if you did, Porta Portese would be a good one! Thanks for joining in the street market challenge, Debbie 🙂 xxx Ailsa

    • Sorry I missed your summer challenge – so I thought I would jump right on this one! Yes, I agree, one doesn’t need a reason to return – to Roma or anywhere else in Italy, for that matter! 😉

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  4. It souns wonderful – great post!

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  7. This week’s travel challenge is a tricky one, but I bet you’re up to it! xxx Ailsa http://wheresmybackpack.com/2012/06/01/rhythm/

    • Now that indeed will be a challenge! I’ll have to see what I can come up with…:)

      • squeak, looking forward to your post 🙂

      • 🙂

      • Minor glitch this week, will have to delay the post until Sunday. Technically won’t be the weekly challenge but can’t be helped. Will catch up on the next one!

      • The glitch is nothing serious I hope. I’m looking forward to seeing your Sunday post! xxx

  8. […] Travel Theme: Street Markets (thekindnesskronicles.wordpress.com) […]

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