Be Kind To Your Wallet


debt (Photo credit: Alan Cleaver)

“Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without.”

Yeah, I know – that’s REALLY old-fashioned!  If you want to have money in the bank, or more clearly, get out of debt, it pays to be a little “thrifty”, as they used to say.  We live in a throw-away world; if something breaks, tears, or stops working we just go out and get a new one – whatever that is.  There’s a lot of talk today about debt, whether personal, corporate, or government.  While it may take a while to fix government and corporations, we can start in our own personal spheres to get out from under the load.  Even if you took only some of this saying to heart, it would save money and help get you out of debt.  Don’t rush out to buy the newest gadget, the brand new car, or even a cool pair of sunglasses.  If you already have something that’s doing the job, live with it a while longer.  You’ll be surprised how the savings start adding up!  And when you have reached a milestone, like paying off a credit card, then you can reward yourself with a small purchase or dinner out – you deserve it.  Happy Savings…


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