Be Kind To Your Local Farmer

Farmers market, Saint Paul, Minnesota

Farmers market, Saint Paul, Minnesota (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Did you know?

~ According to the EPA, thousands of acres of productive U.S. farmland are lost to development every day.

 ~ Between 1974 and 2002 alone, the number of corporate-owned U.S. farms increased by more than 46 percent.

 ~ 82% of Americans are somewhat or very concerned about the decreasing number of American farms.

 ~ 85% of Americans trust smaller scale family farms to produce safe, nutritious food.

As we get into the warmer weather through most of the country, a lot of people start to think of farmers markets.  The best tasting produce you’ll ever get is from someone within close range to your home.  If you are a gardener or “urban farmer”, get together with your neighbors to share different produce you might be growing.  And don’t forget your local food banks – they need more donations now than ever before.  Then, whatever you are not growing, get to the farmers market in your town to support those who do this for a living.

While farmers markets tend to draw crowds, some are too costly for the truly local farmer or small family farm.  These farms may just open a produce stand on-site when they have a harvest.  If so, take advantage of having less crowds and more time to shop!

Enjoy the harvest that this year will hold – and remember your local farmer!


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  1. Reblogged this on Northwest Culinary Adventures and commented:
    Local farmers, local produce what could be better. I agree support local!

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