Music and Memory – and Memories

Cover of "Musicophilia: Tales of Music an...

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“Music imprints itself on the brain deeper than any other human experience.”

Dr. Oliver Sacks, a neurologist and author of “Musicophilia”, made this observation in an interview regarding music and memory.  I’m sure many have seen the video of the dementia patient in a nursing home who becomes much more animated when he hears music from his own era.

What many of us may not realize is that we can play a key role in this “reawakening”.  Perhaps you have a family member in a nursing home or rehabilitation hospital.  Why not ask to bring in music the patient might remember?  If you play an instrument or sing, you might be able to go in as a volunteer and bring others to life.  You could even ask to bring a small group in to act as choir or band for sing-alongs.  What a great gift you could be giving to your family member and others who may be present.

If you haven’t yet seen the video, watch it HERE.  I’m sure it will bring a smile to your face!


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