Planning For Harvest


The weather here in Colorado has been spectacular, with most people feeling it’s more like May than March!  Warm weather gets some of us thinking of the garden – and although we know better than to plant before Mother’s Day around here, we are planning…

Victory garden poster, World War II

Victory garden poster, World War II (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

During World War II, many people planted “Victory Gardens“, to help with the food supplies that were diminished for various reasons.  Private yards and parks were filled with vegetables, fruits and herbs to help.  Although we are not in that same situation, there may be others who could use a little extra on their tables.  If you plant a garden, why not plant a few more seeds to harvest and provide to your local food bank?  Or, you can do like some, depending on where you live – put a basket or table out with extra for neighbors and passers-by to take for free.  A couple of years ago we had a bumper crop for apples, peaches and plums.  You could see boxes all over town encouraging people to take for free!

Consider the kindness of sharing your harvest with those in need this year – it could be a family you know, a retirement community, or a food bank, to name a few options.  Now is the time to plan for a great harvest…:)


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