Seeing Through Kindness


Homeless man

Taking my own advice from an earlier post (HERE), I have kept a supply of breakfast and/or granola bars in my glove box the last couple of months.  It has gotten to be routine that whenver I am going across town on the main boulevard, I am looking for folks who need some help.  When I can, I am trying to engage a bit more, even if it’s a quick “how’re you doing?” at the stop light.  I had a little more time today when I saw someone I had passed a bar to the other day, and handed another to him.  We got to chat a few seconds, and he said “you know, I hope I find something again really soon, I hate getting deeper into this rut.”  That struck me – made me see the person for who he is, not the situation he is in.  It’s so easy to assume one is lazy, or a drunk, or an addict, or …. – I’m sure you can fill in a blank here and there.  This experience helped me to have compassion for the person and not just assume the reason he was there.  My wish is for every one of us to have that kind of experience on a regular basis.

“Make it a practice to judge persons and things in the most favorable light at all times and under all circumstances”.  ~Saint Vincent de Paul



  1. “It’s so easy to assume one is lazy, or a drunk, or an addict, or ….” Great post and a challenging thought. Although my faith (and simple humanity) teaches me to care for the downtrodden, I find it easy to walk or drive right past those with their hands out seeking help and to condemn them for the reasons you listed. Thanks for the challenge.

    • You’re welcome! It’s a constant challenge to myself as well, in the face of the faith that I hold to care for the poor, sick, orphaned, etc. 🙂

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