Old Words Still Have Meaning

65th Academy Awards

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Like millions of others on Sunday night, I watched the Academy Awards. I was more impressed with the production than in recent years.  From the set design to the way the memorial was so well done for those in the industry who left us this year, to the ingenius production for the Best Original Score – this was a year of well-deserved celebrity and celebration. Even more impressive, the in-between entertainment was tastefully done, and most people presenting and receiving behaved with a certain, hmmm, what’s the word?

Decorum. That’s what came to mind – an old word for a certain way of behaving.   So I decided to look up the word for the exact definition and synonyms.  Here’s what the World Dictionary offered:

1. propriety, esp in behaviour or conduct

2. a requirement of correct behaviour in polite society

Under synonyms, the following was found:

politeness, manners, dignity. see etiquette

In a world where individual freedoms are valued more than anything else, is there room for politeness, manners, dignity?  When those synonyms are used, I tend to believe the original word may be old, but the meaning still has meaning.  I think that would be a great kindness we could show to those around us.  What about you?



  1. There is always room for politeness, in my opinion. I like what Emily Post says best regarding manners: “Manners are a sensitive awareness of the feelings of others. If you have that awareness, you have good manners, no matter which fork you use.”

    Thanks for the post. And thanks for posing the question.

    ~ Leslie

    • I agree, Leslie! That quote from Emily Post is one of my favorites…:)

      Thanks for your comment.

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