Open Doors – A Kindness Kampaign Idea

holding the library door open, September 24, 2005

A great website – whether for use in the classroom, Sunday School, or at home.  Here’s an idea that never really goes out of style – see what happens when you try this out!  Hope you’ll browse through the other ideas from The Random Acts Of Kindness Foundation…

Hold the Door Open for Someone | Random Acts of Kindness.

“Politeness is to human nature what warmth is to wax.” ~Arthur Schopenhauer



  1. I usually do hold the door open, but yesterday’s occurrence stands out in my mind because of the reaction I got. I was at a well-known thrift store, and was entering as the other person was leaving. I got to the door first, and since it opened outward (towards me), I pulled it open, stood aside, and held it until he was through the door. He looked very surprised and thanked me. I suspect that the reason for his surprise was gender (woman holding a door for a man), racial (white holding the door for a black), and economic (he was dressed in raggedy clothing, shopping for secondhand clothing). But honestly, kindness doesn’t need qualifiers. I don’t look for poor people to help, or only those in my socio-economic class. Kindness is exercising our humanity toward other dwellers on the planet, both human and animal. Kindness is something I do for myself because it helps me to feel good about myself.

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