Carol Burnett

Here’s a fun activity for you and/or your family:

“Before you go to bed, write down three ‘gratefuls’ for the day and three ‘did wells’ (they can even include something as simple as doing the laundry) – the results can be amazing!”
-Carol Burnett (b.1933); Comedienne  

Share what you came up with on facebook!

For more ideas and activities check out The Random Acts Of Kindness Foundation



  1. I h ave done this from time to time, and it is really nice to be nice to yourself 🙂
    Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks Maggie! I think if everyone did this excercise regularly we would all see how much better we feel, and how we can be kinder to others as well!

  2. It’s hard to hold onto any negative emotion (anger, envy, sorrow, etc.) if you’re focused on gratitude. This is why Thanksgiving is really my favorite holiday. The spirit of giving thanks and counting my blessings keeps me gratefully focused the rest of the year.

    • Yes, it’s true – hard to stay mad when you are “counting your blessings”! It would be fun to see the comments on facebook for the things people are grateful for and also the “did wells” (kind acts?) they chose to list.

  3. I’ve long made a daily grateful part of my day. I love the idea of adding a did well to the mix, as usually my focus is on the not did wells. Thanks for sharing this great idea.

    • I’m glad you like it, Pat! If you are comfortable with it, would love you to share your ideas on our facebook page!

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