100 Acts Of Kindness Project


I found a great blog tonight while looking for stories about kindness, and an additional Kindness Challenge.  Check out 100 Acts of Kindness from Toddler Approved:


By the title of the blog you can tell it’s activities with kids, and they can be adapted in many ways no matter the age range.  I know it’s already started but there is still plenty of time! Another great project to make a difference in your world.  You can check their facebook page too.

Have fun finding ways to be kind!



  1. Its a really interesting blog you have. I had the same kind of blog just about 6 months ago,. My goal was to do good and write about it, and hopefully also make other people to get interest of doing good. I stopped blogging in that blog because in the end I was just writing about goodness. It was all just theories, no actions. It´s easy to write about things, much harder to transfer the theory into action within your life. I would love to DO good every day, as one act of kindness each day and to write about that. For example giving blood, taking a photo and presenting that on the blog with a short piece of text. And a link to a blood central off course. But it is sooooo easy to slip and end up with all these theories and no action.
    Thanks for sharing, and I hope you stay with the acts 🙂

    • Thank you Maggie, for sharing your story! I think that by writing the blog, it is forcing me to look for something kind to do or say every day. Not that it’s always achieved, but at least I am thinking about it! I hope that is what readers are taking away from it as well. It starts with simple things, too – a smile, holding a door open for someone, picking up a bottle when dropped. Those are all things we can all do – small things with great love, as Mother Teresa said.

      • Kindnesskronicless,
        Have you been on the we site AOK? I don’t remember if it com or org in the end… AOK stands for Acts Of Kindness. You get log all your acts of kindness, it gives you point and in the end of the month your points are transferred into money being given in some kind of charity.

      • Hi Maggie – I just tried both extensions and not coming up with anything by that name. I did a search as well and can’t find anything close! If you find it again, feel free to leave a comment with the URL. Thanks! Debbie

      • kindnesskronicles,
        Sorry, I gave you the wrong ending. The ending should be tv. It is oak dot tv. I don’t give you the entire link here, don’t want this message to end up in the spam area LOL 🙂

      • Got it! Pretty cool site – I may have to share it…:) Thank you! ~Debbie

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