Share My Space?

Shared Table - Jones The Grocer, Chadstone

I’ve been at a conference the last few days, and as today was the last, the breakfast room at the hotel was pretty full.  I do usually like to have my space in the morning, at least until I’ve had a chance for coffee and can be “civil” (no, I am not a morning person).  There were no small tables open and I ended up at a table for four, all by myself.  I kept watching people walk around with their hands full, not wanting to look anyone in the eye and at the same time hoping a table would be open so it wouldn’t be awkward.  Every time, I would wave in their direction and offer my other three seats at the table.  A couple of people came over, and then as something else opened up they scurried off, as if embarrassed to have to share, and now relieved they had their own space.

It’s an interesting exercise.  Kindness in these types of situations is not expected, at least not in the US.  Other countries I’ve been in, the locals are happy to share a table, hear stories, ask lots of questions about why you are there.  Wouldn’t it be fun to get to know others when we have space to share…try it the next time you’re in that situation!  It’ll be a whole different perspective…


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