Piercing The Darkness – February Event

Helping Hands

A good amount of you joined in on the January “Leave A Note” event. Piercing The Darkness has announced their February event; here’s a preview:

This month’s event is as challenging or as easy as you make it!  This month, we are all going to find someone to help.  So often, we are unaware of the world around us.  Someone is struggling with a door, or looking desperately for a quarter, and we walk on by, lost in our own thoughts.  This month, we challenge you to be aware of everyone around you, and to do something to help someone who needs it.

Click HERE to get more details about the event. Hope you’ll join in!  



  1. What a lovely idea!

    • Would love for you and your group to join! The last event had people all over the world participating…

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