Kindness In Spite Of Your Feelings

Be Considerate

Now there’s a novel idea!  Remove the emotion from the act.  It’s not something we are accustomed to doing in this day and age, and maybe it’s time we revisited the practice. Just because we don’t “like” someone, or don’t agree with points of view, no matter what they are, we can still be Kind. Considerate. Respectful.  Those words made me sit up and take notice when a friend made a statement that she missed the ability for people to respectfully disagree. We have become so concerned with “being heard” that we throw all caution to the wind and lash out when something is said or done that we don’t agree with.  My hope in the coming week is that we all think before speaking, put aside our own anger, fears, and “rights”, and be kind to one another. Even if we don’t agree – let’s find a way to be kind.  What a much better place this could be!

Kindness is in our power, even when fondness is not.  ~Samuel Johnson



  1. Yes indeed! You started your post writing about an idea to a story But I feel that you lost that thread somewhere, when you started to talk about kindness in society. I would really like to hear more – or to read that book when it done – instead of this moralistic society thing… We all know there is too little kindness in society. Nothing new there. But a book, a novel, about someone who´s kind by putting the feelings away is Interesting! YEH! Great idea.

    • Thanks Maggie – I think the word “novel” was misunderstood there (took me awhile to figure out what I missed!) – “novel” in this sense meaning unique, unusual, etc. However – yes, you are on to something in book form! Hoping that I indeed have more to write about when all this is done. Thank you for your encouragement!

  2. I have been trying to live this way since I first heard someone say to me “can we agree to disagree & still be friends”. I too thought what a “novel” idea, better yet, wonderful. was it possible. of course it is. is it difficult, no not really. its all about accepting people for who they are, regardless. we all want this yet a lot of people these days don’t want to be the first to “try” it. especially in marriages. in marriages people think they have to change that person in order to like them, yet .. prior to their marriage were they not attracted to that person & the conversations they had? surely they were aware of those differences. I believe, can be wrong, but I believe this ability was lost through the generations as less & less people practice this type of ‘being’?.

    • Hi Lee, thanks for your input. I believe you’re on to something here, in wanting to “change” the other. In truth, no one ever changed their minds because someone forced them into it or was overly aggressive! Through considerate dialogue one may be persuaded, but never through coercion. It borders on the same characteristics as bullying, in my opinion. It would be so much to our benefit to to practice courtesy and respect again, wouldn’t it?

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