Quote For The Day

Kindness is More than Deeds...

“Always be a little kinder than necessary”  ~James M. Barrie

A friend passed this quote on to me – and I thought it warranted more discussion instead of writing about it.  What do you think? Looking for feedback here – what does that quote mean to you? How would it impact your behavior?  Feel free to comment here or join the conversation on facebook…



  1. I believe that in life it’s easier to me to be Nice, but sometimes when nasty people come around, the deserve a quick mean look..stair or what have you.

    • Jackie, I just read something about how we don’t always know what may have happened to that person to “make” them nasty or cranky. What if their son was just hurt in a car wreck? What if their husband was killed in service to our country? And so on…we never know what someone’s story is, and so it is a blessing if we can be a light in their world. It doesn’t cost anything to smile instead…just something to think about!

  2. As soon as our plane was parked at the gate, a woman near us leapt to her feet. Since we were at the back of the plane, it was a long time before anybody near us was able to move toward the door. The woman began complaining, “Why don’t they get off?” Mom and I quietly assured her that the people at the front of the plane were beginning to move off. Then she told us that her back was hurting. She had had 2 back surgeries and was facing a 3rd. Later I made the observation to Mom that travel makes a lot of people cranky and that I had not wanted to feed into her crankiness, while at the same time letting her know that we sympathized. Sometimes it’s a fine line between sympathy and feeding into crankiness. I’ve seen crankiness fed by people trying to be sympathetic. If not handled carefully, crankiness can grow into full-blown rage. I think it’s a really good idea to be kinder than necessary at all times–and it doesn’t cost a thing.

  3. my husband always complained about how I always had to talk to people. I wasn’t talking cuz I liked to talk. I talked to the person whom I saw was getting frustrated. I figured it was best to try and defuse a possible outburst. what it does is help “shorten” the time standing in what could be a long line .. I learned in my church to be “Jesus in the flesh” it pays to make someone smile, cuz they smile the whole day & they will remember you for it too. 😉

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