The Discipline Of Kindness


Yes, I know. You’re probably wondering what the heck that title means. As I am working on a full year of writing something about kindness, it occurred to me that sometimes there is an actual discipline to this – a sort of self-control, thought process, act of will in being kind. Here’s an example: I was trying to find something about an event last week, and was getting increasingly frustrated at not finding it in places one would think would be very clear. My first inclination was to say something sarcastic, voicing my frustration. As I wrote it out, (as in, to post on facebook!) I thought better of it and restructured my thought. The discipline of kindness…

Kindness, unfortunately, does not come naturally to most of us – we have to practice it. What actions do you take on a daily basis to become more disciplined in kindness?



  1. I totally agree with you – being good is not always easy or instinctual, it takes a lot of practice. Thinking before you speak (or, more accurately, beathing before your speak) is somthing that is great for getting perspective. I am, unfortunately, not very good at it… yet. Practice will make, if not perfect, at least better I hope 🙂

    • They say it takes 21 days to develop a “habit”. Hoping this blog is changing habits for people who read it! Thanks for commenting…

  2. Reading this blog made me realize that I speak before thinking a lot of the time. For example, at the grocery store when a clerk is taking too long checking someone out…I ofter sigh or say something snide; when someone is blocking a grocery isle, I might say “geez” and stomp off.

    This may stem from my impatient nature, but, after reading this blog; I know it is an act of unkindness that I can change with practice. Taking a breath and choosing to keep my mouth shut.

    • Thanks for your transparency, Veronica! Most times it just takes recognizing and acknowledging to start making the change. Good luck in your “practice” of kindness!

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